yo! i'm fran, and welcome to my corner of the internet! this is an enternal wip, so please bear w/ any broken links/pages, but i'm glad to have you here! this strange land is my own little place for weird self expression where i can struggle to figure out how the heck html actually works.

update log:
2022/09/17 - long time no update, but i finally condensed the landing and homepage into one
2022/05/19 - updated the guestbook link since the old service wasn't working? sorry for the slow updates, school has been kicking my ass
2022/03/21 - yesterweb webring is up, happy first day of spring!
2022/03/19 - added some new links in the manifesto, a disclaimer in front of the site, and a cbox
2022/03/11 - manifesto is up! :D
2022/03/08 - about page is now completely finished!
2022/03/07 - about page up! more text needs to b added later
2022/03/01 - homepage now mostly finished! changes will probably b made later, but it's good for now!