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hey, welcome to my favorite page, the one about me! happy kaomoji i am the fine webmaster of this strange land, so maybe knowing me a little better will make it make a bit more sense--
i'm a highschool sophmore, (so this might be a bit slow to update, given my other responsibilities) who likes weird websites and trashy scifi novels!

the old web, w all of the strange, small websites, is a very nostialgic place for me. the personalization and intimacy of personal websites is something i love, and can't really be found w any modern social media. i want this site to be my own weird form of self expression, with a decent helping of odd gifs and blinkies. while my ideas for this place may change over time, i plan on using it mainly as a personal journal, with both diary entries on my life and pages just to talk about cool stuff i enjoy.

i have deviantart to thank for my original foray into html and css, as i frankensteined and followed simple tutorials to make,,, almost nice(?) looking custom boxes for my profile. i eventually left the site though, (permenantly after the rebranding), and proceeded to mostly forget about it until my second year of highschool, where a couple of asynchronous coding classes were offered. i took the web design course, which used neocities to host students' finished assignments. after looking through some of the other neocitie sites, we somehow ended up here. what's up?

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name: frandszk
nickname: fran/oz
pronouns: zey/they
art tablet: xp pen artist 12
art program: krita
zodiac: pisces
fav color: red
bday: 2006/02/25
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